Welcome to the Warebouts App

Warebouts App allows you to share your where-abouts with your family & friends and allows you to setup alerts notifications when any member of your family group arrives at his favorite places. Warebouts allows interactive chat among members of your group, which are sent as notifications when you are not in the app. This app is specially designed for parents to keep in touch with their kids and let them know when their kids arrive at home or school. Warebouts takes advantage of Location and Notification API on your device and requires that you enable Locations and Notifications for this App.

Download and RegisterCreate/Join GroupsAdd your favorite placesReal-time Location UpdatesGroup Chat
Download Warebouts from Apple App Store, then register with your email. You will receive a registration code, which you use to complete your registration. After registration , you will be able to create your group and invite other family members or friends. If you received an invitation from another friend, then you will be able to join the group. You can add your favorite places that are shared with your friends and family. Your family would receive alert notifications when you arrive at your favorite places. For example, parents may setup alerts for home or school so that they are notified when kids arrive at school or home. You can view current locations of your friends and family, which are updated periodically in background. You can chat with your friends & family and Warebouts app sends push notifications when they are not in the app.




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